Below are some notes appreciation that I've received:

"Hello! I just gotta say.. your writing helps me so much. Daily! Honestly - everything you write are the words and explanations I can't find to explain myself. Your words mirror my daily feelings and thoughts and current experiences in therapy. Working on trauma is so fucking exhausting and it's so easy to get to lost in the mud of unpacking years of bullshit that progress seems to gets lost but you write about both so eloquently that I'm able to see my own progress and pop my head out of the mud and breathe. If that makes sense. So thank you, weird mind reader. I love seeing your posts pop up on my feed because I know I'm going to learn something and something is going to click, something is going to make sense."

"That last post! Was seriously meant for me. Thank you"

"I honestly love your posts. I just hit a year in CoDA and this applies to me everyday. Thanks and keep posting, they help everyday."

"Hi checked out your Instagram love what you post. Love to connect with you! Have a great day!!"

"I wish I read this last year. Your words described the exact feeling I had, trying to fight and stay above the pain. Refusing to hurt actually. Thanks for your work."

"It's amazing how good you are with words, I admire that. Keep it up & lots of love from Belgium"

"And can I just say, that I love your page so much! It helps me everyday and gives me strength in my personal life (relationship, job etc) and also with my anxiety. Still learning and working on it but omg I have to thank you for what you do. Keep up the good work"

"I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for sharing your beautiful words. I look fwd to them everyday. I swear you make is exactly how I'm feeling/what I'm going thru, but don't know how to put into words"

"THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for the inspiration you post, the work you do, the hours you put into it. IT MATTERS. Your feed is one of my faves and I often send screenshots to friends who need it. Thank You Thank You Thank You. Keep fighting the good fight."

"You did a wonderful work this year too. Thank you for reminding me I'm still here and it's going to be OK!"

"Hi! I wanted to introduce myself and thank you for all the work that you do in this community. There can never be enough. Thank you. Love and strength"