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10 Lessons I Learned About My Emotions During the Pandemic

I sure have a lot of them, and they are hard and amazing all at the same time. I used to hold in a lot of my thoughts and emotions when I was younger. At some point, I became the opposite and I let out a lot of my emotion. It felt uncomfortable, but it also felt freeing. It allowed me to connect to others on a deeper level, which was amazing.
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10 Lessons I Learned About Myself During the Pandemic

I avoid my feelings by keeping busy: So, this took some time for me to realize and admit after much thinking and squashing of the ego. But there definitely is some truth to it. I like to keep busy as it makes me feel accomplished and helps to keep me motivated. For a very long time, my anxiety defined me. I wasn’t able to do the simplest of tasks. But I took everything I had inside of me, worked hard, and began to live again.
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