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"People who never apologize are the reason so many of us over apologize."

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all just took accountability for our actions and apologized? I wish. Those three simple words are so difficult for people and cause the demise of many relationships. I am sorry can make such a difference, yet we allow ourselves, our egos, and right fighting (amongst other things) to get in the way. To some, getting an apology might not be necessary for them to forgive and move forward. But, at least for me, it was essential for me to move forward.
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“Change is your greatest gift masked in fear.”

Change has always been very exciting for me. However, the act of changing has been one of my biggest struggles. I am a dreamer, and I loved the idea of moving different places, changing up my hair and style, and changing the status of relationships. I was in a constant battle with yearning for change and growth and feeling comfortable in the monotony of life.
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Changing the Music

It's played on repeat even when we are not aware. You are not good enough. You are failing. You don't look like all the rest of the girls. You aren't worthy of a healthy relationship and family. You are not worthy of your blessings.
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