5 Tips for Living your Life more Authentically
  • Do more of what YOU love: How many times have we said, “I would love to…….” But then we make excuses and go on with our daily lives. But it is so important to prioritize what we love. Make time in your daily lives to schedule in some time for you and the things you love. To make it even more fun, join groups or ask friends to join you. Frankly, life is too short to not do the things you love. You deserve it!
  • Only Apologize when you are truly sorry: This was very difficult for me and is still something I struggle with occasionally. I found myself habitually apologizing for everything. I wanted to people please, and with that came the idea of apologizing just to calm things down or to make everyone comfortable. The problem with that is that I wasn’t making myself happy. With that being said, it is important to apologize when you are sorry, and you truly mean it. Remember, an apology without changed behavior is manipulation. And you are not just manipulating others, but also yourself.
  • Write down Your Non-negotiables: I struggled with knowing my identity, and who I really am. This included breaking boundaries, allowing things to be said and done, etc. I just didn’t know what I wanted, but I didn’t want to feel like I had no control over my life. So, I decided to write down the things that I definitely didn’t want in my life anymore. This was so helpful to me and allowed me to further explore what I needed in my life.
  • Practice saying NO: I was always the maybe girl, sure, I will think about it person, but never the no type of girl. Even when I said no, I felt such guilt and shame. I would have to say or write a paragraph for the reasonings of me saying no. But as I began to just say no, there was such a freedom in saying it as well as a fair amount of backlash from people. The dynamics in my relationships had changed, and the real ones made an effort and understood. Unfortunately, some did not and that’s okay. It is a part of life that is difficult, but ultimately leaves you with the people that are meant to be on this journey with you.
  • Be more intentional in thoughts and actions: A lot of times, at least for me, I would just say how I feel and act without much thinking. Although this can be beneficial at times, I wanted to be more intentional with my thoughts, actions, and life. I think feeling lost is good. It allows you to explore parts of you that are repressed. But once we decide to be more intentional with ourselves, we naturally own ourselves more, put up and keep boundaries, and keep consistent with habits. Start slow and start small. Pick one thing to be intentional about in your day and go from there 😊
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Lef September 01, 2021

👍 the 5 tips. For living your life more authentically. Very helpful ❤️

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