My Hopes and Prayers for all of us

My Hope and prayer are that we can forgive ourselves; that we can be gentle with ourselves. Our past is in the past. We did the best we could with the knowledge that we had. We were in survival mode. It is okay. We are no longer that version of ourselves. I pray that we continue to grow and heal. And when remnants of our past arise, we remember how far we have come, feel those feelings, and let them go.

My Hope and prayer are that we can find peace in our hearts. That the challenging experiences we go through do not harden us, but rather allow us to be grateful. That we trust and accept ourselves above everything and anyone. It starts with us.

My Hope and prayer are that we continue to live each day to our fullest. Thus, does not mean we need to be overly productive, just that we do our best. That we allow ourselves time to actually rest. My Hope is that we can remain present and mindful of how our time is spent and that our energy and time are precious.

My Hope and prayer are that we have love for others. That we can have perspective, grace, and compassion for those that are different from us, for those that have wronged us in the past. Nothing is personal, but rather reflects the character of the person. We can’t change people, but we can lead by example. That’s all we can do sometimes. I pray that we have the support that we need; that allow us to lean on them during challenging times and vice versa. I Pray that we don’t allow this world and certain people in it to harden us. Family is not just blood, but those who support and love us and guide us consistently.

My Hope and prayer are that we put our health and wellness high on the list of priorities along with faith and hope. Without these, we cannot live our optimal life and in our purpose. With these, I hope and pray.

Our hopes and prayers are an integral part of our mental health. Hope is what keeps us going. For me, prayers are what connect me to a higher power. So many parts of our lives are not in our control, especially now. It’s unbelievably scary, but we can do our part to advocate for ourselves and others to the best of our abilities. We can continue to live to our fullest even in the darkest days. And sometimes, the fullest look just like surviving.

We need, every now and then, to be reminded of the importance of prayer and hope. We need to come together and pray for each other and over each other. It seems as if the world is more divided than ever. The only way to combat that is to come from a place of compassion and having an open mind. Praying for each other and showing kindness when it’s not always easy. Showing up for ourselves and others even if we are the only ones standing. Respecting opinions for exactly what they are, opinions.

We have so much to learn from each other if we just took some time to listen more than we speak, and to work towards the greater good rather than for the selfishness of ourselves. At the end of the day, we are all human. We all carry pain and trauma, and they can become a burden. We all have different stories, but they have pain, happiness, love, and the pursuit of moving forward and continuing to live our lives as people with a purpose. I know not everyone thinks this way; so many people set in their ways. We all are set in our ways to a certain degree. But this is the time we lead by example in hopes that people see past their own pain. Trust in yourself and be patient. Be present and be grateful. We are unique individuals in this together.



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