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5 Ways to Get Through the Tough Days

13 Aug, 2018

5 Ways to Get Through the Tough Days

1. Cleanse Yourself.

So, this can be taken in a few different ways. If I am having a tough day, I love to sit in the shower and have the warm water run over me. For one, it makes me feel refreshed. Two, it’s symbolic of washing away the negativity, the fear, and much more. I can feel the water running down my back, and I just sit still and listen to it. I take a few deep breaths and try to relax.

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5 Simple Ways to Get Inspired

02 Aug, 2018

5 Simple Ways to Get Inspired

1. Look Around

You would be surprised how much inspiration is right in front of you, right outside. I will admit there are a lot of days I don’t feel very “inspired.” I don’t know why, but inspiration comes with a heavy burden and expectations sometimes. I feel guilty if I don’t feel inspired. I am always waiting for this huge thing to happen or story to break.

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