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5 Ways to say NO

04 Sep, 2018

5 Ways to say NO

1. Practice

This may seem weird or even sad that anyone has to practice saying no, but it really is more difficult to do for some people. If you are like me, I have a hard time saying no, and an even harder time saying no without a reason or an excuse. Until recently, I did not even think that was a possibility. I could actually say no and not have to explain myself? No way. Well, it is possible.

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5 Ways to Help You Make a Big Decision

28 Aug, 2018

5 Ways to Help You Make a Big Decision

1. Make a List.

Yes, you heard me right. It is time for the good ole’ list. Making a list(s) can really help you organize all your thoughts. For me, my thoughts are all-consuming especially when I need to make an important decision. I feel overwhelmed, and the more I think of things, the more I feel lost and overanalyze. But the more I don’t think about it, I feel as though I am putting off the decision. It causes even more anxiety. So, I feel like I can’t make the decision, and I end up being unproductive and hard on myself. 

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