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What is Lady B Collective?

Lady B Collective is for the girl who is learning to accept herself. LBC is for the girl who feels scared, but hopeful. It is for the girl who is stepping into her power; the girl who is sitting alone searching for her purpose. LBC is for the girl that cares for everyone and never receives it back; the girl who so desperately wants to find happiness and love. It is for the messy, the beautiful, the misfits, the introverts, the ignored, the abused, the liberated, and the unique beings that we are. Life changes as do we and as do circumstances. But the one thing that doesn't change is that is women want and need to be heard, loved, respected, happy, peaceful, and purposeful. We need to listen, speak up, love, step into our worth, and persevere through it all. We are not alone in this. We are all connected by this life and we need to uplift and empower each other to shine within our unique qualities and purpose. This is Lady B Collective!

Mission Statement

Lady B Collective helps others find inspiration, motivation, self-love and acceptance in order to live their happiest and healthiest life.


I was recently nominated by WEGO Health for these two awards!

From Lady B

My hope is that you realize how much you are loved even when you feel all alone.

My hope is that you always keep trying and never ever let others hold you back.

My hope is that you start to see all of your unique and beautiful qualities as they are and not how people made you feel about them.

My hope is that you get lost, grow, fall to your knees, question everything, but always get back up.

My hope is that you know there is no rush nor penalty for where and when things happen.

My hope is that you know it was never your fault. I'm sorry that they hurt you.

My hope is that you know it's OK to live the life that YOU want to live.

-Lady B Collective-

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