10 Lessons I Learned About My Emotions During the Pandemic
  1. I sure have a lot of them, and they are hard and amazing all at the same time
    I used to hold in a lot of my thoughts and emotions when I was younger. At some point, I became the opposite and I let out a lot of my emotion. It felt uncomfortable, but it also felt freeing. It allowed me to connect to others on a deeper level, which was amazing. However, it is difficult to feel everything all the time. I even take on peoples’ emotions, and at times, I feel it is my responsibility to help. This can be very difficult to say the least. Over time, I have learned to put up boundaries and put myself first. This only became bearable when I realized if I didn’t take care of myself, then I wouldn’t be able to be the best version of myself to help others. This allowed me to feel less guilt and appreciate having all of these emotions!
  2. Not acknowledging my feelings only made them grow stronger within
    I avoided my emotions like the plague. It was easier to go through life without the heaviness. But the reality is that things, not only seemed superficial, but I was feeling a lot of anxiety. I never realized that it was due to the fact that I wasn’t fully feeling my emotions. They started to eat away at me, and they built up, until I was consumed with anger. It is important to deal with your emotions when they come up. You will certainly feel the discomfort siting with them, but after time, it will become a positive habit that will coincide with your good mental health.
  3. Managing my emotions have been a struggle
    For me, it is not easy to manage my emotions. Due to early trauma and anxiety, I have had issues with regulating my emotions. People think that it is easy to do so. Just don’t get mad. Take a few deep breaths. But when you are triggered and/or your nervous system is irregular, it is almost an automated response regarding my emotions. I struggle, but I am learning to do breathing techniques, mediation, clean eating, and movement to help combat my irregularity. This is not something I do at the time of my emotions, but this has become a part of my routine, my healthy habits. Doing these things, for me personally, help to stabilize my moods and emotions when they can get out of control. If you are anything like me, try to consistently find ways that will relax your nervous system and allow for you to respond in a healthier way.
  4. The unknown has brought about different versions of many of my emotions
    I, like most people, do not to well with the unknown. I like to be able to control my environment and as much as my life as possible. The unknown is scary and increases my anxiety. But through this time of the unknown, I have learned to take things day by day. I am able to stay present longer than I ever have, and this period of time has allowed me to work on my patience and gratitude. Although things are scary and anxious, my emotions have been transforming throughout this, and I am definitely not mad about it 😊
  5. I can’t control my emotions, and that bothers me at times
    Like I mentioned previously, I like to be in control of my emotions. I mean, who doesn’t? But that isn’t the reality, and even if it were, you would miss out on so much of life. So, what’s the solution? Well, you have to surrender. Take solace in the fact that the things you can’t control are happening for a reason. In due time, you will understand.
  6. Feeling vulnerable frees me and makes me nervous all at the same time
    Good ole’ vulnerability rears its head once again. Vulnerability is scary, but once you do it, you will feel this shaky yet freeing feeling. It feels amazing. And each time, that you are brave enough to be vulnerable, you release another piece of you. Now this is real strength 😊
  7. Feeling uncomfortable is an everyday feeling
    I have come to accept myself and everything that comes with it. I mean, to be truthful, not fully, but I am on the journey. I have my days, as we all do, but instead of fully trying to rid myself of the discomfort, I am slowly but surely, trying to embrace it. It is a part of me, and I am becoming okay with it. This does not mean that I am not learning, growing, and utilizing tools in order to help me find more peace and comfort. It just means that I am not going to fight every discomfort that comes my way. I spent a long time in my life stressing myself out trying to change things about me that I didn’t consider “normal.” I have learned that there is no normal. There is just space for us to live in our purpose and potential for as long as we can. And with this, there will come the growing pains, the acceptance pains, the letting go pains, and the persevering to the next phase of our life’s pains. Keep going, and commit to yourself and your life 😊
  8. My emotions make some people uncomfortable
    Sharing your story and your truth is freeing. However, there are always going to be people that feel uncomfortable around you and your emotions. Most people have grown up being told to suck it up and hide their feelings; that emotions are for the weak. So, when people are vulnerable and share their feelings, it makes some people uncomfortable. For one, they are not comfortable with their own emotions. Second, they may not know how to react, and thirdly, it pushes them to have to feel and that’s scary for a lot of people. I used to take it personally, but now I realize that it is a part of them and not me. We all have our unique set of circumstances, and there is room for all of us to show compassion and lead the way for learning and growth!
  9. I am getting in touch with my emotions more now than ever
    People believe that just because they are showing their emotions, they are in touch with them. The majority of us have emotions, but that doesn’t mean that we have looked within and explored where they come from and why we are feeling this way. This is very important into understanding one’s self. Feel those feelings, but also inquire deeper into them 😊
  10. I am learning that my emotions don’t make me weak, but quite the opposite
    I grew up in a generation where showing your emotion was equated with weakness. People who showed emotions were considered a little “crazy” and “off.” So, we in turn, learned to keep in how we were feeling. We found other outlets to let out our emotions, some being healthier than others. When things became too overwhelming for me, I was flooded with emotions. I am sure some thought that it was for attention or could be controlled, but it was so uncomfortable for me. At times, I felt like if I didn’t express my feelings, I would explode. I realized the over spill of emotions was that I was keeping them in. Now, I was still expressing them, but believe it or not, I had so much more to purge. This made me feel weak. It really did. But over time, I realized that it was necessary. Once I began to understand that this was a strength of mine and took courage, it changed my whole perspective on emotions. I felt powerful in who I was by taking charge and sharing my journey, and with that, came freedom. A word of advice if I may, don’t hold back your feelings because you feel uncomfortable or like people won’t understand you or worse, will judge you. Remember, we are all inspirations in our own way, and our words and our stories are powerful. Do it for you! 😊
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