10 Lessons I Learned from Family, Friends, and Strangers During the Pandemic
  1. People are showing who they truly are as a people
    When this first happened, I was scared, and this seemed like a never-ending nightmare. It was surreal. As the time went on, the fear continued, but I started to see acts of kindness. It seriously melted my heart. People were coming together in the most beautiful way. I thought to myself that most people are going to realize the importance of kindness. Everyone will eventually be grateful. This isn’t my usual optimistic approach, but this wasn’t the usual situation. But what I realized is that the good people are showing exactly how great they are, and unfortunately, some of the more selfish people, are showing exactly who they are choosing to be. Either way, the only one you can control is yourself, and it is so important right now to take great care of yourself and stay healthy! 😊
  2. We are more alike now than ever
    As individuals, we are so different and unique. We think differently. We have a variety of thoughts, experiences, etc. that make us so uniquely different. We have a similar set of emotions, but to varying degrees at different times. But during this pandemic, we are all scared. We are all afraid of the unknown. We are all in coping mode and trying to survive. We may have different ways of expressing these, but we are all experiencing this at the same exact time. We now understand each other a little better as well as the importance of taking care of ourselves, especially our mental health.
  3. Some of the kindest words and actions have come from strangers
    This may seem kind of weird, but it is true. People I do not know or do not know very well have been some of the best and most positive resources during this time. They have provided safe places for myself and others and they have provided a sense of hope and ease. They have helped educate and unite people, and they have become our lifeline during this. Although certain friends and family can be helpful, it can be difficult to know how to navigate the changing relationships. Give yourself time to adjust 😊
  4. Some of the meanest words and actions have come from those close to me
    As we all know, this is a challenging time for all of us. We are sad, angry, and triggered. When this happens, we have a tendency to take it out on the ones we love. A lot of us are leading with fear, and we don’t know how to always control our emotions while still being able to cope and deal with them. Some of the people closest to us trigger loneliness, trauma, etc. Our minds have time to think more about people and relationships, and that’s not always a good thing. Remember, everyone is struggling even if they don’t seem like it. Let’s try to be gentle with ourselves and others. But also remember, some people are not meant to stay in your life.
  5. All we have is each other
    We tend to place a lot of emphasis on what we need to get done. We need to take care of our families, pay our bills, work, do chores, etc. We focus on working hard to provide. We can get caught up in everyday life. But this pandemic is allowing us to really realize the importance of our relationships. That is what’s really important. This is a time to prioritize the nonmaterialistic things in our lives and make the time and space for those we love.
  6. There really is a thin line between love and hate
    I have heard this saying for my whole life, and I never really thought about it besides to use it casually in a sentence. But I believe that this is true. When we are so invested into something or someone, we get angry, we hate, and we get “passionate.” It is because we also love our beliefs. I have been seeing a lot of love and hate intersecting, and it’s sometimes challenging to see what side of the line we are really on. This is an emotional time, and it is important to keep our compass steady during this and avoid the extremes as much as possible.
  7. You will inevitably grower closer to those who are supposed to be in your life
    Ironically, being confined to my home for the most part has brought me closer to people than ever in my life. Isn’t that wild? I used to be able to go out and about and see whomever I wanted, and I have spoken to more people in depth in the last few weeks than anytime in my life. It was uncomfortable at first, even if it was a positive. I wasn’t used to having to talk on the phone or in any other form of communication. I could just put it off until I saw people, or I was just too busy, I told myself. Now more than ever, I am so grateful to fully connect and be present. This is one of the best things so far that have come out of this 😊
  8. You will inevitably grow apart from those who are not supposed to be in your life
    This one is a tough one. It is great to be able to only have great people in your life. But it is so difficult to let go of some of the other not so good people. It is what and who we are familiar with, and even though they bring us pain, it causes us even more heartache to let them go. Plain and simple, it’s just hard. But during this quarantine, the people who are not meant for us are getting further and further away. It is part of this process, and I think it is good for us in the end. Life is short, and each and every one of us deserves to be around those people that bring us peace, joy and love 😊
  9. We are truly not alone in our emotions
    I mentioned this before, but we are all having the same emotions. Normally, there is a huge distribution with how we are feeling at any given time. But during this pandemic, we can relate to the same emotions. Two people who would normally not be able to understand each other now can. People who never believed the power of depression and anxiety, can now understand. This, if we allow it, can lead to having more compassion in our hearts. This vulnerability in strength can really allow us to connect back to ourselves as well as others.
  10. Besides your heath, nothing is more important than a support system
    Health is what we need to survive. This is a great reminder of that. Without our health, we cannot have anything else. And to help us with our health and to navigate us through this challenging, beautiful life, we need to have connections and a healthy support system. Most of us have someone or at least a few people we can talk to. But they may not be the right people. I know the difficulty of making new friends and expanding your circle, but it is so worth it, and now is the perfect time to do it. People are reaching out for real connection and love. Remember, you deserve it. We all do. Build that support system as your foundation, and allow yourself the beautiful life you are capable of living 😊
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