10 Things to Help You Get Out of a Rut

1. Acknowledge the Rut

We all have been in a rut. To be honest, we probably go through many different little ruts throughout our lives. They are not fun, but they are a part of life. Even when it is pointed out to us or we know that we are in one, I find that we or, I at least, don’t fully acknowledge it. I make excuses. I say that I am going to do something about it next week which turns into months, sometimes years. But the first thing we all need to do is own it. It is difficult, and I have found myself feeling embarrassed. But here’s the thing…it is more embarrassing for ourselves and our potential when we are not reaching our full potential. We deserve to reach that and our goals, so let’s let go of the ego and own it, acknowledge it. If and when we do this, we can really start making progress, in the form of actions. But first, let us talk a little bit about reflecting.

2. Reflect

Now let’s not get this confused with deflect. We like to do this or at least I do when I am scared to move forward and get moving in life. Now reflecting on our situation can also be difficult. Disclaimer: I say difficult A LOT because well, life and these situations are hard. There is no easy fix. With that being said, its time to look within and ask ourselves the tough questions: How did I get here? Why am I staying in this situation or around these people? What is holding me back? What am I afraid of? Do I need to forgive myself and others in order to move forward? These are just some examples of questions that I suggest asking yourself. When you take the time to do this, you may really find yourself learning more and more about yourself and what you want. This is so important as this is a process.

3. This is a Process

I feel like almost everything worth it in life and in general is a process. For me, this can present challenges as I want something done or to change right away. I feel like I already wasted too much time, so I want to hurry up the process. I am the first to admit, at times, I do not have patience, and thinking of a process bums me out. But again, you must really want it, really stay with it, and be gentle with yourself when you experience the down times. But knowing that it is a process will allow you to practice patience during this time. It will also allow you to find uplifting and positive ways to view yourself and your situation.

4. Connect Back with Yourself

Getting to know you is vital to getting out of a rut. Most of the times we get in ruts is because we think that’s all we deserve. We may not realize it consciously, but we just keep doing the same things daily because we don’t have the self-confidence, support etc. to move forward. As cheesy as loving ourselves sounds, it must happen. When I first heard this, I would literally just hug myself because I didn’t know what it meant to love myself. It sounded weird, and to me, that was everyone else’s job to love me. But I soon learned it is about giving yourself what your mind and body needs as opposed to what it wants, and practicing healthy thoughts and behaviors. So, don’t waste one more minute on negativity. When it comes into your head, tell it to get lost. And literally, say aloud positive words about yourself and to yourself daily. It may seem different at first, but before you know it, you will have set yourself up for a positive mindset.

5. Back to your Roots

When you think back to when you were younger, things were simple. We have a tendency to overcomplicate things in our lives. We don’t always mean to, but it seems that once we start the ball rolling on the complications, they just keep coming our way. That’s why this is a great time to rid yourself of all the mental and physical junk and go simple. You will start to feel light and free. This is so helpful for getting out of your rut or any rut you may ever get into again. You will feel clear minded enough to make the right decisions. I know when I get overwhelmed, its hard to make decisions. So, the more you can slowly declutter your life, the better along you will be in the process of getting out of the rut.

6. List em’

Some of you may dread lists, but I swear they are a necessity and they can be fun. Yes, I said fun. Listing out a semi-schedule of timelines and goals will go a long way with getting out of your rut, and also, in general. It helps you to remember things, have things to look forward to, and organizes your life. In turn, it will lessen your anxiety. I suggest making short-term goals, daily routines, etc. Now don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The point is to help once again declutter your thoughts and put some of your ideas on paper. This is vital to do before you can be ready to execute your plans.

7. Lifestyle Changes

So, lifestyle changes are very important. The way I see it is that during this process, we need to be starting healthy habits. What we feed our mind and bodies are important for our health as well as how we treat our bodies. My suggestion is to find a fun activity or exercise and start to incorporate it into your day. It will boost your energy and allow you to get going on your goals! Note: This is not intended to suggest any sort of diet, just adding some health to your day. If you always add, then little by little you will be decreasing the not so good for the better options. That is the way I look at it, so I don’t fall into the trap of trying to control my eating and exercise to make up for my lack of control of other aspects in my life, especially in a rut.

8. Find and Lean on your Support

As you are making all of these positive changes, they are changes. They will challenge you, and you will have rough days. That’s a given. You need to have a support system. I know for me, I didn’t have much support. Just because people are around doesn’t meant that they are a good support. Remember to have the right support, and if that means reaching out to professional support such as a life coach, do it!

9. Start Small and Start Somewhere

Now that many aspects of preparing yourself to get out of a rut have been discussed, its time to start small. It is time for the execution. Take your list and start with something on there. It doesn’t matter where you start as much as it does that you do start. Take your time. Feel yourself out. Be gentle with yourself and make sure that it is consistent. It is better to do a little with consistency than a lot with inconsistency. It took me awhile to figure this out, but it is the best advice I can give you!

10. Consistently Act in a Forward Motion

This is the final step! Well, according to me, it is😉 I mentioned it above and it is so very important. Consistency is key, and so is moving forward. What I mean by this is not allowing setbacks to keep you down. Setbacks are inevitable. They will happen, and especially at first, it may make you doubt yourself. You may feel bad and guilt. Please remember that this happens and be gentle with yourself. Notice what contributed to this setback, let it pass through, and move forward. We are human. The important thing is to learn and grow. Don’t let this deter you from all of your progress. You deserve to get out of your rut and get into your life. You are capable, and you deserve so much love, happiness, and peace. I know we can all do this. Don’t forget to lean on each other. Shine bright my amazing warriors!

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