5 Simple Ways to Get Inspired

1. Look Around

You would be surprised how much inspiration is right in front of you, right outside. I will admit there are a lot of days I don’t feel very “inspired.” I don’t know why, but inspiration comes with a heavy burden and expectations sometimes. I feel guilty if I don’t feel inspired. I am always waiting for this huge thing to happen or story to break. But the reality is, inspiration is rooted in the simplicity of things around you. Take some time and scan your place. Look at how the sun hits the walls, how the words of a song you are listening to resonate with you, the movements and behaviors of your child and/or pets. Go outside and look at the shape of the clouds, the people walking or driving by, the sounds of business or peace around you. For me, I love to people watch. You learn so much. Use all your senses and be in the moment. Don’t think about finding inspiration but rather soak in the beauty of the moment. Just like most things in life, its when you are not looking, they come to you, just like inspiration.

2. Turn the Negatives into Positives

For a very long time, I have witnessed situations, people, and experiences that really aggravated and annoyed me. I thought to myself how unfair it was that injustices were happening to people and animals. I would hear a story, and just cry. I could feel the anger rising inside of me. This was not good for me, for anyone, and it certainly wasn’t productive. I had to change my mindset. My mindset was negative. I wasn’t asking myself the right questions. I used to ask why as opposed to how. Why is this happening turned into how can I be of help. This mindset and perspective change inspired me to take action. We all have those aspects of life that we don’t like. We complain to friends, family, and strangers. But we don’t take action. These negatives can be turned into positives. It is the perfect for obtaining inspiration. The mix of negative energy plus passion is a great foundation to find that inspiration!

3. I Wish There Was…I wish I could

I do this all the time. Well, I use these phrases all of the time. This happens when something is taking a long time or I think that there should be an easier and more effective way to get things done. I will look up a solution and I will see that someone invented something. I always think to myself, I had that idea before or I will share an idea and that will be the end of it. But this is where the inspiration comes from. You don’t have to always wish. If there is something you find a solution too or you think you have found a great alternative, then go with it. As cheesy as this sounds, we are born to do great things and use our uniqueness for good. Take your unique perspective and use that as inspiration.

4. Learn from Other’s Stories

Ever since I was younger, I was fascinated by other peoples’ stories. At that point, they were usually funny or exaggerated for a superhuman quality. I enjoyed listening to stories. Even if they were exaggerated or at a surface level, I loved it. As I got older, I started to seek out other people and their stories. But this time, the focus was on reality, the good and the bad. It inspired me so much to start helping people. And from there, I decided to help myself, to tell my truth. It was liberating, and I felt like a brand-new person. Who would have thought that it would lead me to this? I sure didn’t! You never know how much your story can affect others and vice versa. We all have a story. And it is beautifully, unique, and messy. I highly suggest listening to others who courageously have shared their stories, and if you are ever up for it, share yours as well 😊

5. Look Within Yourself

Just a reminder-all of my blogs will probably include or reference looking within yourself. This is because it is so important! I never used to do that. In my mind, I looked to others for inspiration. We are taught to admire and aspire to be like others. We get fascinated by people and what they show us and we follow their lead. Now nothing is wrong with looking up to someone. But the reality is that you don’t see the full picture. We tend to idolize their attributes and forget that they are human. They have flaws and struggles even if we can’t imagine that being true. And when we see these human characteristics, we get saddened by them. We may not even aspire to be like them anymore. When the most vulnerable who have struggled usually show us the most about life and humanity. In my opinion, the best way to see this is by looking within ourselves. We need to be our own superheroes. We need to realize that we are already inspiring. And the best part of it, is that just being YOU is the most inspiring. Don’t ever forget that! 😊

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