5 Ways to Connect with Others as Covid Continues and the Cold Weather Sets In
1. Schedule a block of time and show up regardless: This is very important in order to keep up with friends and family. Time and time again, I will make plans, in person or virtual, and something will come up, and I will reschedule. To be honest, in the moment, it feels like the greatest idea, and it is! But when the time comes, I seem to never have enough time, tired from putting my energy into other things, or just feel like it can wait. And every single time, I feel guilt about it. The few people I truly love, I want to see and talk to. But I have found that if they are far away and not as easy to see, I put it off even more. I do not want to do this anymore, and I don’t want to use the same (although valid) excuses. And I don’t think you do either. So, I think that scheduling a block of time to make all your calls or get togethers will make it easier. We do it with other aspects of our lives, and it works. And show up regardless. I promise you they don’t care if you are tired or having a bad day. They will support you, and you will end up being happy that you did it. I think I am going to take my own advice on this one! 😉

2. Start an online group for your friends and family: I was thinking about ways to connect and I thought that this would be a great idea. I, personally, am not that tech savvy, but I know on FB it is fairly easy to start a private group. I know a lot of you have text chains and I think it is great. But with, say a FB group, you can make a few of them, make it private, invite who you want, and be able to share pics, links, events, etc. This way you can do it all in one place! It won’t just be a text or an email. And it is easy and free to join. There may even be other places to make these groups. This way you can still connect even on your busiest days. And let’s be honest. At some point in the day, you are scrolling through social media anyways 😊

3. Go old school and send a letter or small token of appreciation: I love the old school vibe when it comes to sending letters in the mail. I know it’s more complicated than sending a text or email. But it is so nice to sit down, get comfy, and write a handwritten letter. I do it for birthdays and just to say hello, and I love the genuine and nostalgic feeling that comes with it. And even better, the person on the receiving end will love it. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it just has to come from the heart. I don’t know about you, but these little tokens of appreciation make it so much more special. You can also add in their favorite snack or a little gift. For me, it’s all in the heart and love when it comes to gifts and staying connected. That is what is truly important and what you will remember when thinking about fond memories and experiences.

4. A simple text goes a long way: Yes, I realize I just spent the entire time talking about every way to stay in touch that doesn’t include texting. But a nice, sweet text can go a long way. I definitely appreciate it. For people who are nervous about trying something new and different, send the text. It is better than feeling like you want to connect and not sending it. It is better than nothing, and it seems like the timing almost always works out and is definitely needed. And maybe send an emoji or 2!

5. Don’t forget that there are outdoor winter activities too: Yes! I think most of us think about the winter as staying inside and bad weather. With Covid, it makes it even more difficult to see others in a safe and social distancing manner. But if you are creative, you can figure out ways to still connect. There are plenty of fall and winter activities. You can set up pumpkins all over and invite others over to enjoy some cider (spiked for me please 😉) and picking out pumpkins. There are also many outdoor warming ideas from as simple as a fire to heat lamps to making a fun camp-like experience. These are just a few of the ideas that can make fall and winter a great time to get together. Don’t let the summer blues get the best of you. Get to googling, making plans, and making the best out of the rest of this year and into the next! 😊
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