5 Ways to Get Through the Tough Days

1. Cleanse Yourself.

So, this can be taken in a few different ways. If I am having a tough day, I love to sit in the shower and have the warm water run over me. For one, it makes me feel refreshed. Two, it’s symbolic of washing away the negativity, the fear, and much more. I can feel the water running down my back, and I just sit still and listen to it. I take a few deep breaths and try to relax. Now, as I stated earlier, I love sitting in the shower once I am already in the shower lol. But it is difficult to convince myself to get up and get in there on the worst days. So, if I can’t get in the shower, no big deal. I have learned not to be so hard on myself. I will make myself comfortable in my bed and have a good cry. I used to look at crying as a weakness, but now I see it as necessary. It is necessary and normal to cry. It is a good way to cleanse yourself. You can’t keep everything in, and we all have our breaking points, and times where life becomes unbearable. Cleanse yourself in a way that works for you. Allow yourself to rid yourself of everything you have been holding onto. You deserve that! 😊

2. Rest Your Body.

This is so important, regardless if you are having a tough day or not, but especially important if you are having one. Everybody is different when it comes to resting your body. Some people love to nap, which is great. I am a little bit jealous. I can nap on occasion, but mostly, I just lay there worrying about something. So, for those of you that are like me and can’t nap, here is what I do. I lay down and put in headphones or put my sound machine on. I close my eyes and I listen to my breathing as well as the sounds in the background. I give it a few minutes as sometimes I want to get up because my mind is racing and I am really anxious. This is usually helpful. Music can be very powerful. Nature sounds can be as well. And if I really need to hear some motivation, I will put on a motivational speaker. I will listen to them speak and it helps me to remember that everyone has tough days. Everyone has low moments. But we get through them. In the moment it is difficult to remember, but listening to someone speak on their journey can help remind you of this 😊

3. Snuggle Up.

Snuggling up is like one big hug, and I love it. It helps to decrease stress and anxiety. I have lots of comfy hoodies and sweaters for these days. I also have my weighted blanket. If you know me or are familiar with my social media, you will realize my love for weighted blankets. I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have tried everything from medication, meditation, essential oils, talk therapy and the list goes on. Now, I believe it takes a variety of options to help manage anxiety, and everyone is different. But for me, this has helped my anxiety immensely. I hate all the anxiety gimmicks and solutions. If you don’t already know, for me, it is about managing anxiety, not a cure. But, let’s get back to the snuggling.  My blanket, a comfy sweater, and my dog are necessities. My dog is not always a cuddler, and sometimes I have to guilt her into it (sorry not sorry). And of course, it is nice if someone wants to cuddle with you. But the reality is that you are not always going to have someone there all the time or all day. It is important, for me at least, to have some go-to’s for those tough days. I mean who doesn’t like comfy and snuggles? 😊

4. Occupy Your Mind.

So, sometimes you can’t just rest and sleep all day. You may have things to do or your anxiety is very high. This is where I have my favorite movies and books on hand. It is the perfect day to catch up on the Netflix you have been wanting to watch. Or the book that you have been trying to find time to read in the last year or so. This is the perfect time. Just make sure it is a book or a movie you really want to see or read. One of the best feelings is getting into a really good book or movie. It can really improve your anxiety and your mood. Plus, it makes the tough day go by quicker! 😊

5. Think of the Better Days to Come.

On tough days, it is extremely difficult for me to think about anything positive. And that’s okay if you cannot. If all you can do is cope with the day then that’s perfectly fine and normal. With that being said, if there is any time in the day you feel up for thinking about the better days to come, I highly suggest that. I know that they say to stay in the moment, but sometimes there are exceptions to that and this is one of them. Reminding yourself of better days, upcoming plans, etc. will make you feel a little bit more hopeful. Even writing some things down that you dream about, that you may want to pursue, will be helpful. You don’t have to be feeling the best or even thinking positively to remember that there are better days to come. I won’t lie and say that consistently great days will be there or that life will be better from here on out. But you do have the power to do your best each and every day. There is no standard or competition, but just to be you, and little by little, be the best version of you. Learning and growing happens on some of my worst days when I think that it was a waste of days. Some of my best inspiration arises from those days. Don’t count those days out. They are a part of your process, your journey. And lastly, remember that tomorrow is a new day. This day will be over, and there will never be the same day twice even if it feels that way. Hold on, don’t give up, and keep moving forward. The world needs you! 😊

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