5 Ways to Transition from Summer to Fall
1. Soak in the last days of summer: If you are anything like me, you may be so anxious about the summer ending, that you are already planning for fall. Let’s face it; it can be a bummer. We are trading in sunshine and relaxation for school and work. Yes, I know we do these things during the summer, but it’s just not the same when September rolls around. Plus, any change (good or bad) can bring about anxiety. This year has been filled with so much already, I think that this transition has just hit me different this year. So, I am trying to soak in all of the summer vibes I can. I am breathing in the air and letting myself be as present as possible. Spend time with friends. Sit outside with a good book. This is the perfect time to relax, reset, and reflect.

2. Reflect on this summer and what you have learned: Every season brings about change. I believe this is the best time to reflect on everything. I know, I know. Reflection is not always fun, but it is necessary. Taking inventory on your life, goals, and dreams sounds so cliché, but the reality is that it can be helpful in leading you on the right path in your purpose, and it could actually be fun. Right? I mean it can be exciting knowing that you have the ability to make your own decisions for your future. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

3. Goal planning and new beginnings: I used to think new beginnings were just for right before the new year. But the beauty about goal planning and starting projects etc. is that it can happen whenever you want and as much as you want. You can even start over as many times as you want. There is an unlimited supply. Once I realized that, I didn’t hold back anymore. I just went for it. What did I have to lose? Absolutely nothing. This has helped me transition from season to season, especially from summer to fall. This is a time to continue on into the future.

4. Shed the past; mind, body, and soul: Every so often my past creeps up on me. If I am being honest, it happens more than I would like it to occur. Even with all of the healing work and letting go, it happens. The remnants of my past show up in different aspects. Sometimes, it happens out of the blue. Other times, experiences present themselves. Either way, with change, I have noticed it happening more often. This is the time that I like to practice forgiveness of others, myself, and the act of letting go. It is a process, and sometimes it will never fully go away, but this is the time to face some of the past that you thought that you had let go. We all have things that we thought we dealt with, but we really avoided. Take the time and work on this for you. Even if the remnants are there, you will be able to have a healthy state of mind.

5. Embrace the change through mindset work: Mindset is a term that has come to light more recently and can be a buzz word, but I have found that it has been one of my more useful tools. My mindset tends to be realistic with a touch of pessimism. Ok, maybe a little bit more of the latter, and let’s mix in some “poor me.” I want to be happy a lot more, but it is a process for me. It doesn’t always come naturally, and although I want to be positive and I am a lot of the time, I am also human. For me personally, it’s all about maintaining balance. Having a healthy mindset is key to allowing yourself to be as healthy as possible within your mind, body, and soul. Embrace it 😊
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