"As I was about to say the I was ready, I stopped myself..."
You are never ready. Trust me. I have spent years 'training' for situations that may or may not happen and getting ready for them. I am a planner and I thought that was a good thing until I realized I was planning my whole life without ever implementing them. Something always happened; something got pushed back. If being an excuse curator was a job, that would be my profession. I'm good at it and it's my comfort zone, which makes it even harder to break the habit of having to feel ready. Today, I kept telling myself I was ready (some big changes on the horizon) and I started tearing up because I know I am not and never will be. But this time, I could feel that the willingness was there. You have to be willing to start somewhere. You have to be willing to take the next step. You have to be willing to do better and be better. That's the key.
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