Because They Said They Loved Me: I Said Okay
First love, puppy love, love at first sight,
Oh, I hoped for a chance, I knew he just might.
Playboy, fast cars, soul-piercing eyes,
I shook my head as I knew his lies.

Picture perfect, envious pursuit,
Kissing, skipping, classes in a 3-piece suit.
Day dreams, marriage and kids one day,
He bought me a puppy to my dismay.

Excited, playing house, lost track of time,
Another night out, another vodka lime.
So young, immature, know-it-alls,
Never believing passed the long halls.

Endless talking, passionate nights,
Tunnel vision down to the last lights.
A chapter in life, time stood still,
The good ole’ days, happy to fulfill.

Carefree, no end in sight,
You held my hand well into the night.
Smiling, crying, emotions running wild,
I hold one up to the days of being a child.
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