Empowerment 101

The empowerment blogs, for me, are ones filled with many ups and downs. I remember when I was little, I wanted to be “powerful.” I wanted to empower people. I knew that from a young age. It made me feel good empowering others. I mean I know I am biased, but I was good at it. Friends and others would go to me for advice, and it just came so natural for me. Before you guys think I am tooting my own horn, just wait. So anyways, in case you haven’t caught on yet, I was good at empowering people, and the best part, is that it made me so incredibly happy. Well, that didn’t last too long. The older I got, the more I got into helping others. But as time kept going and people went from asking to demanding, I became worn out. I began to resent helping others. Instead of doing it to be helpful, I started asking myself questions like how are they helping me or who is empowering me. At the time, I felt guilty that I wanted to be empowered; that I wanted at least some of the conversation to be about me. But I learned that it wasn’t selfish, but necessary. I learned it the hard way, and I do not want you guys to learn it that way either.

Empowering yourself is the first step, and it is not an easy one. Sure, we have times where we feel empowered, but it is usually short-lived and inconsistent. It is a process to really be able to empower ourselves each and every day. Then and only then, we can empower others.

I cannot wait to share my empowerment journey with you. I am still on it. Like everything else, I keep growing and changing, having setbacks, but pushing forward. It has difficult moments, but it’s worth it. Nothing comes easy that is worth it according to my parents. I didn’t believe that for so long because well, I didn’t think my parents were right. But boy were they right. Don’t tell them that though! ;)

So, I have been thinking about where I want to start with my empowerment blogs. As a rule of thumb, I like to start from the beginning; lay down a great foundation. But with this topic, I am not so sure where to begin. I honestly don’t know where the beginning is. (P.S. I like to think aloud and write it if you haven’t noticed). Okay, let's go with empowerment and self-introspection. Stay tuned! :)

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alannjvmzv March 16, 2021

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