Mental Health 101

The mental health blogs will focus on women’s mental health issues. Although mental health affects a multitude of people, the focus will be on this special group of people, WOMEN! You ask why? Well, this is because I am one and therefore, I know a little bit about this subject ;) I am just one woman with my own experiences so this blog will mainly discuss my experiences, thoughts and opinions, and of course suggestions. I share these aspects of my mental health in hopes that I can help anyone else who may be struggling with mental illness.

I want to get the disclaimers out of the way so you or I do not waste our time, and plus, I have learned the hard way regarding boundaries. So, I am NOT a medical professional. I am a woman who has had many life experiences, is currently working on my dissertation relating to mental health, and I have gone through and I am currently on my own mental health journey. This is a journey I will be on for the rest of my life. There is no destination, but rather management.

My thoughts and my opinions are just that, thoughts and opinions. I share them as a way to help and connect with other like-minded women who enjoy reading and discussing different aspects of women’s health. I love to get feedback and hear your opinions. Talking to family and friends that can’t always relate as well as google just don’t cut it sometimes. It can feel lonely, and I can tell you with complete confidence that you are NOT alone.

Now, I do not want to exclude men from reading, learning, and discussing women’s mental health. Yes, I am aware that the site as well as the blogs are focused on women. But this does not mean that men are not welcomed. Men are surrounded and affected by women on a daily basis. So, I think that we can learn from each other.

That’s it for now guys. Oh, and my name is Erin. Along the way, you will learn more about me. I guess that means you need to keep up with the blogs, right? No pressure….;) The next blog will focus on the beginning, the basics. It is always important to lay a great foundation for the rest to come. I look forward to sharing my blogs and hearing back from you. Oh and hey, don’t be afraid to contact me J

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