Pretty Little Challenge Series Introduction
Pretty Little Challenge is my new series that will go through my challenges. It will take a look at my personal, professional, familial, and social aspects of my life. I will take you on my journey through discovering challenges, pursuing them, being one in and out of myself, accepting some and overcoming others. This is going to be a wild ride so buckle up!

My hope is that I can share my stories and experiences with you so you can feel less alone and more supported and relatable through my experiences. Although we are all different and have a variety of experiences, as women, there will be topics that the majority of us have gone through at some time or another. My real and raw account will allow you to get a glimpse into the hard topics that we all need to speak on more often.

As women, I am hoping to explore these challenges together. We will laugh, cry, keep it real, and learn from the process. Together, we will create space to talk more in-depth about these challenges. This will be a space of growth, healing the wounds we haven’t quite healed, and find healthy and functional coping mechanisms.

Although this series is about my life and obstacles, I would love for you to join in by reading them, sharing your experiences, and joining in on the interactive groups and lives that will be occurring.

I know this will have its difficult moments, but this is a great chance for all of us women, near and far, from all walks of life, to come together and share in this sisterhood.

My first blog will be out next week. Comment below the blog on and sign up for free to join our Pretty Little Challenge series! 😊
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